About us

At KBS-Network, we strive to be the most innovative Business-to-Business (B2B) network for creating tangible value for clients and partners.

Levers of business development are increasingly supported by evolving technologies. To generate leads, increase sales or sell better, methods and know-how are also changing. Our fields of expertise cover all levers to grow your business. We can help with strategy definition and implementation, communication, operational marketing, social networks and much more. Our translators and content managers are also available to help you to get accustomed to your customers' culture and habits.

We are all passionate about our jobs, driven by your success for an unique and simple reason: your success is ours.


François Hediger


Graduate from the French Institute of Management and the “Conservatoire National des Arts et métiers” in industrial marketing, François Hediger has over 20 years’ experience in marketing functions. He set up marketing departments of various companies active in construction, insurance, energy and telecom. In 2012, he created KBS-NETWORK surrounding himself with experts in the areas of strategy, marketing, communication and new information technologies to meet the challenges of tomorrow's businesses.


KBS-NETWORK CANADA - Growth strategy

Frédéric Loprieno supports the representation of KBS-NETWORK in Canada to develop our services and coordinate the actions of network members. Consultant and trainer, he has held the position of Director for growth strategy in a well-established company in Montreal. He took the responsibility for over a thousand business projects in 13 years and also initiated and developed an “entrepreneurial support program” in South America (Colombia). He his the author of numerous articles about growth strategy for start-ups.


Technology & business development advisor

With his background in electronics engineering, Raoul Jobin has led several start-ups in the field of high-precision electronic microscopes in the United States. In 2009, he specialized in Web technologies and created Digiclever. An RFID enthusiast, in 2014 he launched a range of services dedicated to access control, passage control or objects control. At KBS-NETWORK Raoul supports Web projects, RFID and business development.

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Claude BADAN

Information & database advisor

As is the case for human and financial resources, data represent a formidable capital for companies. For three decades Claude has devoted his time to various technological challenges such as integration, consistency, security and availability of databases. He has worked for the biggest insurance and telecom companies in Switzerland driven by his unswerving credo: the right information at the right time to the right person.



Président Multi réso Canada

Customer behavior, satisfaction surveys, concept and positioning tests, perception studies.

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Founder B2Market Switzerland

Marketing strategy and planning, product and solution marketing, sales enablement.

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Emmanuel ECOSSE

Owner EC Conseil France

Datamininig, statistics, Customer relationship management, customer knowledge.

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Founder Aline BREHM France

Graphic design, visual identity, logo and sales material design, colorimetry.

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Sarah Santacroce

Founder Simplicity Switzerland

Digital marketing, content marketing, social media, LinkedIn, email marketing.

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Founder PEM Switzerland

Strategy, content management, events, communication.

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Laetitia MACE

Owner Toimoinous France

Theater, personal development, conflict management, team building.

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Founder Lise Keverdo France

Media training, expression, identity and image, management for directors.

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Jean Pierre KAZEMI

Founder Public image Switzerland

Storytelling, store media, digital communication, events, mobile applications, digital branding.

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Christina CAIN

Owner 2CCommunications Switzerland

Sales material structure, revision, writing, translation, editing.

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Anne Marie BABKINE

Founder Ibiz translation Canada

Legal, technical translation, editing, proofreading.

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Daniel Amrein

Owmer PME Durable Switzerland

Corporate social responsibility strategy - corporate goverance, sustainable procurement, sustainable reporting.

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