Prepare your race strategy to achieve your goals

To be competitive, companies must regularly revisit their business model, optimize their value chain and adapt their operational functions.

Information technologies are fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their customers and adapt their substructure.

KBS-NETWORK combines the skills of experts in the fields of strategy, marketing, communication, finance and ICT to create, deliver and capture value for your customers and business partners.


Market & Sales analysis

Estimating market potential as part of the market analysis is an absolute precondition for the success of any entry on a new market. It influences all strategic and operational decisions, among them:

> Deciding whether to enter a new market.
> Determining markets with the greatest potential
> Deciding whether to invest in a new product or territory
> Sizing the sales forecasts, channel and sales forces
> Determining the first budget …
At KBS- Network we use 4 methods of estimation depending of the type of your industry, the profile of your end customers and the intensity of competition.

Business Model Innovation

How does your company create, deliver and capture value? Business Model is the heart of any organisation. We map your Business Model with you to generate more value for you, your customers and partners.

> Value proposition and resources
> Key activities and partners
> Strategic segments
> Customer relationships
> Delivery channel
> Costs structure and revenue stream.

KBS-NETWORK makes your Business Model a living tool for your business development.

Value proposition design

Designing your value proposition is the base for developing new or improved products and services.
The value proposition is to be built step by step:

> For what segment(s) are your products and services?
> What are typical target customers?
> What are the benefits offered?
> How are the benefits unique to competition?
> How can you price based on value delivered?
KBS-NETWORK will support your innovation and improving your existing offerings to ensure a customer centric value proposition.

Marcom implementation

If your market position is already acquired and validated, you also need to inform your future clients and partners. Our specialists will lead marcom operations to clearly explain the value of your business, products and services, and to make them better known.

> Visual identity
> Marketing collaterals
> Sales tools
> Proof reading and translation
> Digital Marketing and Community Management
> Marketing and Media Planning
> Event Management
> Marketing and Media Planning
> Media Training for Directors

We help you choose the right format and channel of communications in order to reach your target customers and grow your business.


We select and put together a set of tools and best practices to boost sales and marketing activities.

> CRM to track sales, prospects, marketing activities, warranties, maintenance contracts,
> Web sites & E-commerce
> E marketing tools & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
> RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)
> Mobile applications

Most of those tools are web based and therefore well suited also for nomad employees.
We study your processes, evaluate your needs, suggest the tools tailored to your needs and integrate them into your activity to boost your business.


We are seeking and selecting partners for your growth worldwide.

> Business (distributors and clients)
> Technology
> Finance (Public funds and Private investors)
> Influencers

KBS-NETWORK has built a solid network to make you grow with profitable partnerships worldwide.


KBS -NETWORK is there to support you until you reach your cruising speed.

> Growth Strategy
> Clients, partners and competitor’s surveillance
> Technological surveillance
> Track of the profitability of your activity
> Animation of your distribution network
> Administration and Management of your Business tools
> On demand training

We get engaged with you over the long term to ensure that your development is done in the best conditions.